Scarlet Lake

Chetek,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 3240

Scarlet Lake~Art of Many Mediums is Nancy Erickson Dutmer, Booth 3240. Nancy creates art using several mediums and techniques. She paints in acrylics and oils rendering realistic portraits and landscapes, recently focused to inspire global awareness with her International Santas collection, ideal for ethnic races who celebrate Christmas. Nancy also paints fabric, embellishing with bead embroidery; encrusting the painted fabric with beads and jewelry. Her beaded product is easily adaptable for home dec, clothing and accessories.

 Show Specials

  • (Apr 27, 2017)

    Scarlet Lake, Booth 3240 has a free gift for the first 1000 attendees!!!

    Please stop by and talk to us! ~Nancy and Tzeitel Dutmer

 Press Releases

  • Nostalgia on the edge are visual images that bring to mind earlier days of innocence and amazement before knowledge. They are images that conjure the belief in all things possible, like in the tv show Green Acres, where you believed Arnold Ziffel the pig could talk to Sam Drucker. Where a child presses it's nose against a window to see reindeer flying on Christmas Eve, or on a hot summer day, sneaks into the circus in awe of the Tattooed Lady and the tattooed child on her knee. Nostalgia invites us to use our imaginations, and the edge is later knowledge teaching us the child's tattoos are really only paint and makeup. The edge are the prophetic words of Professor Harold Hill in The Music Man quoting, "...soon your boys will be saying words like 'So's your old man!'...and buckling their knickers BELOW the knee..."

    My art has an edge to is that is not the nostalgia of Gibson Girls drinking Coke~Cola, but rather, novelty memories when anything was possible; mermaids, women morphing into peacocks, little girls taming ostriches. I invite you to my booth, 3240, to take in the wonder, rather unlike standing on the sidewalk when the circus came rolling in on the railroad. My work is heavily influenced by theatrics, humor, kitsch, feathered and beaded wardrobes! It could be the new greatest thing on earth!


  • Santa Kurohsu~ International Santa Collection
    Japanese heritage Santa. Authentic screen and Japanese vintage traditional clothing. Image is an alternate choice to celebrate Christmas in an Asian household....

  • The International Santa Collection is currently comprised of three paintings of Santas, and one Mrs. Claus, from around the world. International Santas available are Kerstman, a nordic albino in historic Viking clothing; Father Christmas, an African American with traditional African dress; Santa Kurohsu, a Japanese (Asian) seated on tatami mat in front of a painted screen; and Mrs. Santa, a nurturing, hardy woman with Italian ethnicity, who likes to feed her Santa.

    These images would be perfect replicated as wall art offering an alternative at the holidays to the typical white bread-coke drinking Santa. They would also work well as mugs, throws, t-shirts, and as I have created, tea towels with a calendar of international holidays printed upon it.

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