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San Jose,  CA 
United States
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Jocelyn Cruz's mixed media artworks are full of colors, textures and artifacts—designed to create spaces that bring light hearted moments and inspiration. Discover something new in her work each time you view it -- such as, airmail envelope borders, vintage postage stamps, inspirational messages, color depth and the passion of her creativity.

Jocelyn is a published artist, and was recognized as the ‘most unique artist’ at the ArtExpo San Diego 2015, Artexpo Las Vegas 2018 & ArtExpo New York 2018. Meet Jocelyn and see why designers, galleries &  retailers are talking about her work.

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    Jocelyn is a storyteller – and a Journey of Life Artist. Specializing in mixed media, the artist layers her paintings with reclaimed objects to create textures and shades of colors in diverse depths. She recycles found materials to create interesting backgrounds and foregrounds, honor memories, and to add intriguing effects to each art piece.

    Jocelyn starts with an “idea sketch” of what she envisions creating, and later relies on intuition around the story that she wishes to express. This journey of exploring, discovering, and stretching new limits connects her deeply with her authentic soul– one that is unwaveringly defiant. When Jocelyn approaches a project, she conducts exhaustive research, collects original artifacts and mementos, and contemplates the message, memories, and emotions she wants to convey.

    She takes critical risks with her art. While a typical painter might be satisfied in leaving alone a beautiful painted image, Jocelyn adds multiple layers on top of what might look like a completed painting to achieve greater composition. Finally, she celebrates the completion of her work with stains, splatters, and drips on the painting’s surface (“Jocelyn’s signature marks”) that could destroy what a viewer might consider a “done” masterpiece. Jocelyn does this to acknowledge that her creative life and each story can be messy and risky -- and nonconforming. Her encaustic wax mixed media paintings, such as “Pigeon Point Lighthouse” and “Golden Gate Bridge” are ethereal and captivating.

    Part of her authenticity comes from staying true to her message, innovating and using best practices in her creation process--Jocelyn pushes herself to produce detailed and complex art of high aesthetic and archival quality. She wants her work to be meaningful and to start awareness -- whether it is about honoring someone's loved one, a family's togetherness, special events, places, history, or a humanitarian cause. One commissioned painting, “When You Love What You Do, It’s No Longer Work” is an example of how she steers viewers toward the truth about her subject’s redemptive identity and family members’ strong bonds with each other.

    More than a personal journey, Jocelyn’s work has a message to share with the world. A self-described Rebel, Jocelyn is a vivacious woman who insists on living a life of purpose. She desires authenticity, which she says she cannot find without her art. Jocelyn feels a driving force to create works that inspire her art patrons and social media followers to live up to their dreams and life potential.

    Her deep expression shares an inspirational story of perseverance as she journeys to fulfill her passion and to thrive as an artist. Her portfolio features numerous works and she ensures that each viewer leaves with an important message: “Do what you love because it matters.”

    Living by the mantra, “Well-behaved women rarely make history,” Jocelyn takes pride in defying rules, albeit with a purpose. In 2015, she opened her own art gallery and studio in Carmel-By-the-Sea, California. While the most artwork exhibited in Carmel is traditional in style, hers are far from it -- as they evoke revolution, modern innovation, and the spirit of the Bohemian artists who founded the art scene in Carmel. She wanted her art to be accessible to all who related and who felt impacted by the messages in her paintings.

    A woman who recently opened a dance studio in Carmel couldn’t afford the “Don’t Let the Sun Set on Your Dreams” original painting that she wanted to hang in the studio to inspire students, so Jocelyn sold her a print of the artwork. She hopes her art will inspire others to never give up on their dreams and to make history. Shortly after opening her shop in Carmel, 65/57 Degrees Magazine featured Jocelyn’s story and her work on its two-sided magazine covers: “57 Degrees: City of San Francisco” and “65 Degrees: Monterey Peninsula.”

    In Jocelyn’s interview at the San Diego Art Show 2015, she was noted as the most unique artist at the show. Rick Barnett, Redwood Media Group's Managing Director, said, “I walked this entire show. There are representational pieces that tend to blend over from one exhibit to another, and yet, Jocelyn’s particular exhibit was unique – there wasn’t anything like it in the entire show. It was the only thing that I might have seen that came across as authentic.”

    Jocelyn was featured as one of the 9 Hidden Gems at the ArtExpo Las Vegas show and recognized as one of the successful artists of today.

    Jocelyn accepts commissions from both public and private patrons. She works with designers, architects, galleries and retailers.

    Jocelyn also offers her art for licensing for the following categories: Apparel Fabric, Decorative Accessories, Publishing,  Stationery/Greeting Cards, Wall Decor and more!

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    Contact Jocelyn at (408) 623-7524


  • Jocelyn Cruz Mixed Media Collections and Design
    Visit Jocelyn's Booth 3682 at Surtex for sourcing original art & design, and see why designers, architects, galleries, curators and retailers are talking about her collections....

  • Jocelyn Cruz, based in San Jose, California, is a professional artist and storyteller specializing in acrylic and encaustic wax mixed media art. Her pieces are full of colors, textures, and artifacts—designed to create spaces that bring lighthearted moments to the viewer. Discover something new in her work each time you view it, the layers revealing reclaimed ephemera--such as, airmail envelope borders, postal marks, and postage stamps, other found objects, inspirational messages, color depth, and the passion of her creativity. Backgrounds, foregrounds, nostalgia, celebrating memories, honoring histories, and more, all add intriguing effects with the intention of the artwork becoming the focal point of the room. 
  • Rebel Art Academy Collection & Design
    Featuring the following artworks and designs from Jocelyn's Rebel Art Academy Collections: Don't Let the Sun Set on Your Dreams, Rebel Girl Jeans Diptych and more!...

  • Jocelyn's "Rebel Girl Jeans Dyptch" artwork showcases inspirational phrases about being that Girl who needed a Hero, so she became One! She wakes up with intent, shows up and never gives up. She believes anything is possible, can do anything she sets her mind to, follows her heart, is willing to work hard, and make her dreams come true! That Girl is All You! GO GET IT! YOU GOT THIS! So, Rock On and Rebel Yeah!!! 

    Original Art Work Word Art:
    “Be Bold
    Be Brave
    Be Free
    Be Curious
    Be Joyful
    To Thine Own Self Be True
    Be You”
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