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Category: General (Art and Design for Paper Products)

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Exhibitor List Index

Dabarrs4 Design 2444 Design District Upgraded
Mary Edwards Design 2549 Art Licensing Upgraded
Blanckslate 2644 Art Licensing Upgraded
A Clever Spark 2656 Art Licensing
Allison Cole Illustration 2545 Art Licensing
Amarilys Henderson 2646 Art Licensing
Andie Hanna LLC 2725 Art Licensing
Ansada Licensing Group, LLC 2624 Art Licensing
Art Cottage 2837 Atelier
Art for Living 2857 Design District
Art Makers International, Inc. - AMI! 2505 Art Licensing
Artistic Designs Group 2533 Art Licensing
ArtSHINE 2522 Art Licensing Upgraded
Audie Rose Design 2759 Design District
Austral Collective 2555 Art Licensing
Blanckslate 2644 Art Licensing Upgraded
Brenda Manley Designs 2613 Art Licensing
Bridgewater + Moss Design 2829 Atelier
Brooklyn Nest 2818 Atelier
Cherry Design Partners LLC 2825 Atelier
CORNUCOPIAN GALLERY 2758 Design District Upgraded
Creations Robert Vernet 2849 Atelier
Dabarrs4 Design 2444 Design District Upgraded
Davina Nathan Design 2850 Atelier
Design Works International 2728 Atelier
digitalKENTE 2750 Design District
EDITH SCHMIDT ART LLC 2551 Art Licensing Upgraded
Foliage Inc. 2810 Atelier
Gardenia Watercolors 2753 Design District
Gelsinger Licensing Group 2618 Art Licensing
Gerry Murray Designs 2643 Art Licensing
Giacomo Barzaghi 2735 Atelier
Gifty Idea & Kim Davidson 2536 Art Licensing
Girl Gang Design 2815 Atelier
Green Hound Press 2460 Design District
Group Four Design Studio Ltd 2824 Atelier
Image Conscious 2538 Art Licensing
Jane Dixon 2823 Atelier
Jane Mosse Designs 2819 Atelier
Janet Greco Designs 2649 Art Licensing
Josephine Rice 2412 Design District
Julie Dawson Artist 2540 Art Licensing
Kari Gale 2448 Design District
Kathleen Kelly Creative 2446 Design District Upgraded
Kawanimals 2756 Design District
Laura Leigh Bean 2438 Design District
Lauren Wan 2828 Atelier
Lemon Ribbon 2842 Atelier
Levison Design 2715 Art Licensing
Linda Bruce Kate Rowley 2712 Atelier
Liz Mytinger 2521 Art Licensing
London Portfolio 2808 Atelier
Lylove Studio 2820 Atelier
Lynn Johnston Productions Inc. 2638 Art Licensing Upgraded
Main Line Art & Design 2515 Art Licensing
Maret's Art 2636 Art Licensing
Margaret Kimball Studio 2554 Art Licensing
Margie and the Moon, LLC 2556 Art Licensing
Martha Colón Artist/Designer 2652 Art Licensing
Mary Edwards Design 2549 Art Licensing Upgraded
Meehan Design Group 2615 Art Licensing
MGL 2623 Art Licensing
Nerodiseppia di Marta Cortese e D'Andrea Anna 2827 Atelier
Nicole in den Bosch 2414 Design District
Paper & Cloth Ltd 2821 Atelier
Patricia Nugent Textiles 2811 Atelier
Penny Lane Fine Art and Licensing 2534 Art Licensing
PLINTO STUDIO 2848 Atelier
Portfolio Select Ltd. 2543 Art Licensing
Potterton Books 2726 Atelier
Pratt Institute 2651 Art Licensing
Prints of Orange 2809 Atelier
Roaring Brook Licensing 2511 Art Licensing
Robert Slagle Studio 2749 Design District
Rogue 2835 Atelier
Roots Studio 2426 Design District
Sarah Beise Art + Design LLC 2645 Art Licensing
Studiola 2853 Design District
Tammy Frand Designs 2856 Design District
Tana Bana Design Services 2805 Atelier
The ARTelier of BRANDS 2514 Art Licensing
Tieu Dang Studio 2422 Design District
VALLILA 2654 Art Licensing
Virginia Kraljevic 2648 Art Licensing
With love from Argentina 2557 Art Licensing
World Art Group 2506 Art Licensing
Zoejo Design Studio 2852 Atelier
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